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Buy Zhu Zhu Hamster Chunk

All of the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters have distinct personalities and are different colored. As such one of the Zhu Zhu may be more popular with the boys than girls because of the differences. This is not always the case and would be hard to prove by sales activitites but talking with parents we can discover which is more popular with boys and which is more popular with girls. In the case of Chunk the surfing and skateboarding Zhu Zhu pet it would seem that little boys are more drawn to him.

Chunk, the white Zu Zu with a big bright nose and beady eyes is the laid back surfer type who enjoys the easy life. Unlike PipSqueak or his buddy Mr Squiggles Chunk does not enjoy scurrying and speeding around all day. He really enjoys exploring at a nice leisurely speed but he can certainly keep up with the others.
The obvious choice for this hamster is the surfboard and sleep dome and he loves to entertain children by getting on his board and showing cool moves and tricks. After surfing he loves to just kick back in the sleep dome and catch some ZZZZs.

Put Chunk in the affectionate mode by pressing on his back and he will appreciate your loving by making all kinds of cute sounds. To buy Zhu Zhu Chunk visit the link.